Privacy Policy MDS Bank

Effective October 29, 2022

  1. Notice to MDS Bank Users
  2. Personal Data Collection and Acquisition
  3. Use of Personal Data
  4. Personal Data Disclosure
  5. Activity Marketing Direct
  6. Security and Storage Measures
  7. Third Party Services and Websites
  8. Change on Policy Privacy This
  9. Stop Receiving Email
  10. Other Terms
  11. Statement
  12. Guard Your Data Security
  13. Storage and Deletion of Your Data
  14. Information More Carry on

Hey! Thank you for being an MDS Bank User!

At MDS Bank, we want to provide you with the best possible experience in enjoying every financial service that we provide both now and in the future. The privacy and security of your Personal Data will always be of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we describe in a transparent manner how we collect, store and use your Personal Data as described below.

  1. General

Policy Privacy this apply for services provided by Hadi _ Purwanto and explained how we collect , use , store , transfer , protect and disclose User ” personal data ,” information that may identified by private ” or information personal other ( by collectively , “ Personal Data ”) in connection with access User to and use from application MDS Bank mobile (“ MDS Bank Application ”).

As explained with more complete in Terms and Conditions For MDS Bank users (“ Terms and Conditions ”), the MDS Bank Application is a application service style integrated living designed by Hadi _ _ Purwanto for the users . The MDS Bank application provides door login ( gateway ) for users _ registered for use service system payment in the form of electronic money , wallet electronic , and MDS Bank transfers, as well as could participate in various activities , including interact with friends , access information or promotions and do payment .

The MDS Bank application is provided free of charge for registered users. Anyone can register for an account on the MDS Bank Application (“MDS Bank Account”) with Hadi Purwanto.

From time to time the User must provide an update of the User’s Personal Data to us in connection with the access and use of the MDS Bank Application by the User. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, the User acknowledges that he understands and agrees to the terms of this notice in relation to the collection, use, storage, provision and disclosure of User’s Personal Data as set out in this Privacy Policy.

If the User does not provide the Personal Data to us then it may cause us to be unable to provide the MDS Bank Application services to the User or to comply with a statutory regulation or guidelines issued by the agency or other competent authority.

The word “includes” is not restrictive.

Personal Data includes but is not limited to name, address, place of birth, date of birth, occupation, telephone number, facsimile number, bank account, credit card and/or debit card information (including direct debit ), gender, identity number issued by authorized agency or authority (including KTP, SIM, and Passport) or other identification issued by the government, photo, nationality, telephone numbers of MDS Bank users and non-users contained in the contact list of MDS Bank Users’ mobile phones, as well as biometric information (including but not limited to facial recognition), as well as other information which directly or indirectly, either separately or together with other information, can be used to identify Users.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to ensure that as a User, you understand and agree well with how we obtain, process, use, store, and disclose User Personal Data.

Unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, capitalized terms have the same meaning as those given in the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Personal Data Collection and Acquisition

MDS Bank can obtain Personal Data User from various source ( for example from User or through party third ) on each moment , including however no limited , at the moment User access MDS Bank application or To do transaction use MDS Bank application , including related data with :

  1. Information obtained (directly or indirectly) when the User accesses the MDS Bank Application, in connection with information about computers, telephone equipment, parts of other hardware, software, and telecommunications networks used by the User to access and use the MDS Bank Application. (including User’s IP address, geographic location, browser/platform type and version, internet service provider, operating system, referral source/exit page, length of visit/usage, page views and any search terms User uses) (“Device Information”) .
  2. Information obtained (directly or indirectly) when the User registers with an MDS Bank account to create an MDS Bank Account including name, date of birth, address, telephone number, User email address, photo, and identity card (including KTP, SIM, and Passport ) (“Registration Information”).
  3. Information obtained (directly or indirectly) as long as the User uses the MDS Bank Application, including the User’s bank account number, billing and delivery information, transaction data, credit and/or debit card numbers and credit and/or debit expiration dates, and other information of a check or money order (“Account Information”).
  4. Information obtained when the User updates information or at other times as may be requested by MDS Bank to the User if needed from time to time.
  5. Device Information, Registration Information and Account Information above and other information can be accessed or collected (automatically or manually) at the time of User registration with an MDS Bank account as a user of the MDS Bank Application and/or during the use of the MDS Bank Application and MDS Bank Account by the User. . The above information that we obtain may constitute User’s Personal Data. We have taken steps to ensure that we do not collect information (regardless of whether the information is Personal Data or not) from Users more than what is necessary for us to provide our services to Users, to perform the functions as set out in Section 3 of this Privacy Policy, to protect User’s MDS Bank Account, comply with our legal obligations, protect our legal rights, and to operate our business activities.

MDS Bank may collect User Personal Data from third parties (including agents, vendors, suppliers, contractors, partners, and other parties who provide services to MDS Bank or other partners who cooperate with MDS Bank. In that case, the third party is responsible for is responsible for obtaining approval from the competent authorities required for the collection and disclosure of User Personal Data to MDS Bank, and MDS Bank will process Personal Data depending on the approval obtained by the third party. In this case, MDS Bank will utilize User’s Personal Data for the purpose of MDS Bank cooperation with such third parties.

  1. Use of Personal Data

We can processing , analyzing , and/ or use the Personal Data we get about User for destination as following nor other purposes permitted by regulations applicable laws , including : _

  1. Verify eligibility and/ or User data suitability for use features and functions in MDS Bank application or verification whatever you think MDS Bank consideration is required before give service to User or before MDS Bank registers User included and not limited to the Recognizing process Customer ( Know Your Customer ).
  2. Identify and process User MDS Bank Account registration, as well as maintain and manage User registration.
  3. Process and manage User’s Bank MDS Balance.
  4. Provide services to Users and customer services related to the use of the User’s MDS Bank Account including collaborating with MDS Bank to facilitate payments for the purchase of goods and services, delivery and other related services for purchases, the imposition of charge-backs , sending notifications about transactions – User transactions and invoices and answer questions, feedback, complaints, demands or disputes from Users.
  5. Provide services for Users related to the use of the MDS Bank Application by the User, namely to facilitate the User in identifying other MDS Bank Application Users when the User views the User’s cellular phone address book through the Application
  6. Improve and develop our offerings through research and development of new functions of the MDS Bank Application or other new products and services that we may offer from time to time.
  7. Conduct research, statistical analysis or surveys, both oral and written, to manage and protect our business including information technology infrastructure, to measure the performance of the MDS Bank Application and other services we offer and to ensure your satisfaction with our services.
  8. Conduct analysis of trends, usage and other behaviors (either individually or as a whole) that helps us to better understand how our Users and our collection of users access and use the MDS Bank Application and commercial activities carried out through the MDS Bank Application, including for the purpose of enhancing services and responses to customer inquiries and preferences.
  9. Referring to obtaining User’s consent in accordance with applicable law as referred to in section 4 below, we may use Personal Data to provide direct marketing information to Users in connection with the services we offer and our affiliates and third parties who have been selected using User’s Personal Data. to contact the User, by telephone, short message (SMS), e-mail ( e-mail ), post and facsimile.
  10. Managing risk, checking creditworthiness and ability to pay (solvency), or assessing, detecting, investigating, preventing and/or correcting fraud or activities that have the potential to violate or violate laws and regulations and the interests of MDS Bank, or to protect integrity of our information technology platform.
  11. Detect, investigate, prevent or correct violations of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, all MDS Bank internal policies that apply from time to time, industry standards, guidelines, laws or regulations.
  12. Make disclosures as may be required by the laws or regulations of any country applicable to us or our affiliates, government officials or third parties, including card associations or other payment networks and other relevant industry associations. Disclosures may also be made in connection with subpoenas, court decisions and/or orders, orders from authorized law enforcement officers in the context of an investigation, investigation, or other legal process or a requirement in any country that applies to us or our affiliates (including reporting requirements). anti-money laundering and anti-banking anti-terrorism).
  13. Make a disclosure to prevent any harm or financial loss to report any suspected illegal activities or to deal with any lawsuits or potential lawsuits brought against us or our affiliates.
  14. Conduct due diligence and other assessments or evaluations of actual or proposed mergers, acquisitions, financing transactions or joint ventures.
  15. Notify the User of any updates to the MDS Bank Application or changes to the MDS Bank service.
  16. Develop and improve the quality of applications to meet the needs and preferences of MDS Bank Users for the features that are owned or will be developed in the future by MDS Bank.
  17. Monitor and analyze the activity, behavior, and demographic data of MDS Bank Users including habits and usage of various services available on the MDS Bank Application.
  18. Offer or provide services from partners or affiliates who work with MDS Bank to Users.
  19. Sending information, advertisements, surveys, promos, vouchers, and other information deemed relevant by MDS Bank to Users.
  20. Provide technical assistance or in order to resolve technical obstacles and operational problems that occur in the MDS Bank application.
  21. Facilitate business asset transactions (which can be in the form of merger, acquisition, spinoff/separation or sale of assets) involving MDS Bank and/or MDS Bank affiliates.
  22. For other legitimate business purposes such as protecting Users and other MDS Bank Application users from loss, protecting lives, maintaining the security of our products and systems and protecting our interests, rights and/or other property.

We may also use User’s Personal Data in other ways, which we will accompany with a special notice at the time of collection of such data for approval by the User.

  1. Personal Data Disclosure

4.1 Data Personal Users we save will guarded confidentiality , but we can provide Personal Data User to parties following ( both inside _ or outside the country where stay User ) for goals as set in the provisions of Section 3 above :

  1. Companies that are members of the MDS Bank group and companies that have affiliated relationships with members of the MDS Bank group.
  2. Agents, contractors and third party service providers who cooperate with MDS Bank in providing our services to Users including fraud prevention, billing collection, data entry, database management, promotions, marketing, research, surveys, customer service, technology services, notification products and services and payment extension services.
  3. Entities with whom we have business reference relationships or other commercial agreements include third parties and entities who are wholly or partly owned by Hadi Purwanto.
  4. Merchants and other organizations, such as card associations, payment networks or financial institutions, to or through whom such payments are made using MDS Bank, or other entities that enable the use of the MDS Bank Application by
  5. Third party financial institutions, banks, acceptance agents, financing institutions, and credit agents.
  6. Party third provider service
  7. advisor professional , institution enforcer law , company insurance , government and parties authorized or agency other where Hadi Purwanto obliged for To do disclosure in accordance needs , legitimate requests , and applicable laws , regulations _ or Settings commercial , including Settings with association card or network payment or association other relevant industries .
  8. Entities involved in mergers, acquisitions, financing transactions or joint ventures with us.

4.2 MDS Bank may also disclose and share User’s Personal Data with the above-mentioned parties for the following purposes:

  1. To improve the quality of services provided by MDS Bank to Users from time to time.
  2. If required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations or on orders and/or official requests from authorities, institutions, state institutions, and/or law enforcement officials.
  3. For the purposes of legal proceedings in any form between the User and MDS Bank.
  4. For audit objectives , good routine nor incidental , as required from time to time ;
  5. For necessity processing permission , registration , or necessary records _ for activity MDS Bank business ;
  6. For all necessary verification processes _ before register User as Users , including the process Get to know Customer ( Know Your Customer ).

4.3 MDS Bank will not sell or rent User Personal Data to other parties.

4.4 In addition to those stipulated above, MDS Bank may disclose and share User’s Personal Data for the purpose or to other parties, after obtaining the User’s consent to disclose such Personal Data.

  1. Activity Marketing Direct

As specified in Section 3 point 9 above, MDS Bank may use User Personal Data in direct marketing activities at any time. In such case, the User will be asked to give consent to the direct marketing activities to be carried out by MDS Bank in accordance with the scope and manner in full compliance and comply with all the requirements set out in this Section. If the User then gives such consent, please note that:

  1. Certain Personal Data that we collect from time to time may be used in direct marketing and promotional activities.
  2. We may market goods and services that we believe are relevant to Users, for which specific User further consent will be obtained. This includes goods and services offered by us, any of our affiliates, our business partners or selected third parties, including but not limited to payment and financial products.
  3. We may provide User Personal Data to certain third parties for use in marketing their goods and services, including (i) our affiliates, (ii) business partners, and (iii) other third parties.
  4. User’s consent to the use of User’s Personal Data for direct marketing purposes will be obtained by choosing to put a check mark in the box or other positive indication that shows approval and/or no objection.
  5. Whenever the User does not wish to continue, use or provide User Personal Data to other parties for use in direct marketing as described above and in the relevant agreement, the User can exercise the “opt-out” right by notifying us of the intention through the communication channel we provide.
  6. Security and Storage Measures

We take all reasonable steps and maximum _ possible including give  protection technical , administrative and physical for help protect Personal Data Users we process from something risk loss , misuse and access without unauthorized permission , disclosure , alteration and destruction _ desired .

We will save and ensure provider our service for save Personal Data User only During needed for the goals already set in notification this and fit with requirements in regulation applicable legislation . _

Personal Data User only will saved During required for Fulfill destination from the collection or During storage the required or allowed by regulations applicable legislation . _

For Users who are registered with MDS Bank then information registration and User Account information ( if any ) can view and change in MDS Bank application via User Account , which is protected by password , PIN code , or method security other . We remind the User not to disclose the User’s password or PIN code or other security key to any party. Our employees, officers, agents and representatives do not know and will never ask for a User’s password in unsolicited telephone communications or through unsolicited e-mail media. If the User uses a device that can be used by others (public device), then the User must choose not to store User log-in information (for example: user ID and password) on that device. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account details, including passwords, PIN codes, and One Time Password (OTP) from anyone and are responsible for the security of the devices you use.

  1. Third Party Services and Websites

The MDS Bank application may provide links to other websites and services (including applications operated by third parties) for User convenience and information. These services and websites may operate independently of us and may have their own notices or privacy policies, we advise Users to read first before using their services or carrying out any activity on such websites. The provision of links to other websites and services is for informational purposes only. We do not provide any support or warranty for the content and information contained in these links. For websites that Users visit that are not owned or controlled by us, we are not responsible for the content, privacy practices and quality of those services.

  1. Change on Policy Privacy this

MDS Bank holds right exclusive for change , add , and/ or revise notifications and information related Policy Privacy this from time to time , in which thing User will requested for give agreement to Policy Privacy that has been changed , added , and/ or revised . If User no give agreement to Policy Privacy that has been changed , added , and/ or revised , then MDS Bank has authority full for stop provision services in MDS Bank application to User .

You agree that it is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy periodically for the latest information regarding data processing and data protection practices.

  1. Stop Receiving E-mail

We have policy for choose enter or go out from the database. If Users wish to stop receiving emails from us, they can click on the unsubscribe link included in each email.

However, from time to time we may send e-mail , SMS, or other communications that we deem necessary for the purpose of providing the service, and do not constitute a promotion. You cannot opt out of receiving such e-mails , SMS, or other communications.

  1. Other Terms
    1. This Personal Data Regulation is subject to, regulated and implemented in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
    2. If there is a dispute in the interpretation and implementation of this Personal Data Regulation, the User and Hadi Purwanto agree to resolve it by deliberation.
    3. This Personal Data Regulation is made in Indonesian and English. In the event of an inconsistency and/or conflict between the English version and the Indonesian language version, the Indonesian version will prevail and the English version will be deemed to conform to the Indonesian version.
    4. We will implement an information security system that we deem adequate and in accordance with industry standards or laws and regulations. However, the transmission of information through communication channels is not completely secure and free of loopholes. Accordingly, any transmission of information by the User to us carries a security risk, in which case the risk is borne by the User. We do not guarantee the security of our database and we also do not guarantee that the data that the User provides completely will not be detained/interrupted while it is being sent to us.
  2. Statement

With use MDS Bank Application , User confess that User has read and understand Personal Data Regulation this and agree collection , use , processing , storage , disclosure and deletion of Personal Data as set in Policy Privacy this .

  1. Guard Your Data Security

MDS Bank is committed to protecting your Personal Data as our User where we try to implement the best possible technical steps, in accordance with industry standards or laws and regulations, to protect the security of your Personal Data. However, as a User, you must understand that no system is completely secure. Therefore, as a User, you are required to implement steps to protect the User’s MDS Bank Account by maintaining control of the Mobile Number and Device used to access the MDS Bank Application, as well as using and keeping a strong and unique password and/or PIN code secret for prevent unwanted access.

  1. Storage, Access, Correction, Update and Deletion of Your Data

13.1 MDS Bank retains your Personal Data as a User for as long as necessary to provide MDS Bank services and for legitimate and important business purposes, including:

  1. In order to maintain performance and service quality on MDS Bank features;
  2. In order to make business decisions based on the data you provide for the development of our products and the quality of our services;
  3. In order to resolve unresolved problems related to your account, such as chargebacks , refunds , or other disputes, where we will store your Personal Data until the problem is resolved;
  4. In order to fulfill our legal, tax, audit and accounting obligations, we will retain the necessary Personal Data for the period required by applicable law; and
  5. Or for other purposes as mentioned above as long as it is necessary for our legitimate business interests, such as to prevent fraud or maintain your security as an MDS Bank User.

13.2 You have the right to request access to historical Personal Data that has been submitted to us. In such case, we will provide the information in the format we specify, taking into account compatibility and reasonable practice. You can submit the access request through the Help Center available in the MDS Bank application, or the contact information provided in Section 14 .

13.3 You have the right to correct or update the Personal Data that has been submitted to us. You can make such corrections or updates through the MDS Bank Application or through the Help Center listed in the MDS Bank application or the contact information provided in Section 14 .

13.4 You have the right to request the deletion of the Personal Data that has been submitted to us which is no longer relevant, in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations. You can submit the request for removal through the Help Center listed in the MDS Bank application or the contact information provided in Section 14 .

  1. Information More Carry on

If User want submit question or convey complaint , please contact Service Customer (Customer Service) MDS Bank below this :

Hadi Purwanto (MDS Bank)
Premulung 003 009, Sondakan , Laweyan ,
Surakarta, Central Java , Indonesia 57147

Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 08.30 – 17.00 WIB
Telephone: +62816344438

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy and agree to all the terms contained therein. You have also given your consent to MDS Bank to collect, use, share, disclose, store, transfer or process your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.